Our Story
 The Web Wild West 
If you tried to start an online business two decades ago, you were in for a tough grind. The tools were as limited as the information on how to do it all. Our team of 2 had to piece together the most basic of funnels over weeks of research and testing.

Over those 20 years, we struggled to find reliable resources. We’d need a quick answer and basic steps, and we’d find expensive courses with buried answers. You’ve probably taken courses like this - the curriculum adds stress and tasks to your plate, and you still need support afterward (if you don’t give up from overwhelm). So frustrating.

Fast forward twenty years and there’s endless information, tools, and how-to’s pushed by creators that may or may not help. It’s not as difficult to find information, but there’s way too much to sift through.

So… how do you avoid getting lost in the noise?

If you’ve started a business, you know what it’s like - you want a healthy, thriving business that draws you into each day’s work with joy and excitement. Not a screaming baby keeping you awake at night.

That’s how we felt, but it seemed impossible.
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 Finding a Shortcut
We joined a premier mastermind group for tens of thousands of dollars. It had industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and a community to share success secrets and help each other grow. It was such a revelation for us– the marketers and mentors in that group propelled us forward, so we joined a few more groups like it.

The bond was amazing, and the reward– the acquisition and application of new skills, networks, and strategies for business growth– was priceless. Gone were our sleepless nights.

The sounding board and accountability had us reinvent the way we did business. We faced every new challenge with resilience and a strong, confident mindset.

In 2023, when we’d grown to 20 rockstar team members, our business was acquired as a multi-seven-figure business. Our team was thrilled with the accomplishment, but the idea of moving on loomed over us. We wondered… why start over separately when we could use our rich knowledge and experience for a new venture?

That was when it hit us. What if we share our experience with the world?

With everything we’d learned and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on masterminds, courses, and leadership training... why don't we build a community to help other entrepreneurs?
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 StarterCookie’s Mission
That was when StarterCookie was conceived. It is a way for entrepreneurs to join a community with curated information on growing an online business. An affordable place where members can help each other grow and hold each other accountable.

We decided to pull together the best information from our 20-year journey. We’d constantly evolve. We’d filter out the noise for the community.

If StarterCookie could provide our members with the exact information they would get in high-priced masterminds and courses, and curate advice from the best creators, we could shorten the learning curve from 20 years to one or two.

We believe it’s time to level the playing field and reduce the barrier of entry to build a successful business - without the cost of an overwhelming mental and financial burden.

And that became our mission: To make entrepreneurship education accessible to everyone.

We’re here to empower every aspiring entrepreneur with the tools and knowledge for growth without the heavy price tag. With an affordable monthly subscription, anyone can access the keys to entrepreneurial success.

Our story led us to support you and your growth. Whether you dream of growing and building a hugely successful business or building a passion project to profitability, we’re here for you. StarterCookie is the one-stop shop and community for entrepreneurial guidance and belonging.
What Sets Us Apart
Comprehensive Guidance
We offer practical insights in marketing, industry trends, and the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship. We bridge the gap between theory and real-world application, ensuring your understanding is as robust as your ambition.
Supportive Community
Join a network where members connect, collaborate, and share proven systems and experiences. It's not just about networking; it's your entrepreneurial family, cheering you on every step of the way.
Customer-Centric Approach
Your success matters. We actively listen to your feedback through regular questionnaires, topic submission forms and live Q&As and value your concerns, making continuous improvements to better serve you. At StarterCookie, empowering you is our priority.
Meet Our Team
Marc Lindeman 
President & CEO
Fascinated by Commodore 64 in his youth, Marc Lindeman transformed that curiosity into a lifelong journey in web-based entrepreneurship. Starting his first venture at 20, he's architecting multiple businesses, generating over $50 million in sales and earning renown as a versatile business virtuoso.
Masterful at leading and scaling, Marc crafts cohesive teams of 30 pros, functioning seamlessly. His profound business acumen makes him a sought-after consultant, complementing his role as a business leader.
Driven by insatiable curiosity and years of wisdom, Marc's career is a tapestry of triumphs and invaluable experiences. To insiders, he isn’t just an entrepreneur; he's an institution in himself, marking his legacy in the business world.
Elizabeth Fincannon
Director of Content & Marketing
ElizaBeth is an accomplished marketing and content expert with over 19 years of experience. Her professional career began in the Boston startup scene, where she was part of a team that created and grew two social networking platforms, amassing over one million members each. Since then, ElizaBeth's marketing and content strategies have earned her multiple awards, showcasing her innovative and results-driven approach. With a dedication to mentoring and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, she is thrilled to share her expertise, creativity, and content-driven strategies with the StarterCookie community, supporting them on their journey to prosperity.
Angel Ayala
Administrative & Content Assistant
Angel, a highly motivated Administrative & Content Assistant, brings vast experience and unwavering attention to detail. Specializing in project and data management, her forte lies in optimizing processes.
Proficient in Asana setup and management, Angel ensures template consistency and smooth content workflows. Her commitment to fostering communication and teamwork, paired with adaptability, drives overall team success.
Eager to contribute in dynamic environments, Angel eagerly offers expertise in diverse administrative projects, poised to make a valuable impact.
Brianna Miller
Director of Operations
Brianna, a seasoned professional with 20+ years in project management, operations, and leadership, began at Malia Mills in NYC overseeing seven stores, handling training, staffing, and customer support. Co-founding Lead Marketing by Design, she managed a virtual team, driving successful projects for diverse entrepreneurs. Passionate about aiding businesses, Brianna focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to streamline operations, enhance team productivity, and build thriving ventures. Collaborating with numerous entrepreneurs, she leverages her skills to optimize strategies and build impactful brands, showcasing her expertise in business management and fostering successful ventures.
Abie Dizon 
Customer Service & Engagement Specialist
As a dedicated Customer Service & Engagement Specialist, Abie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a decade of experience in the field, Abie has honed her skills to deliver exceptional customer service and fosters meaningful social connections.

Whether it's troubleshooting issues, addressing inquiries, or facilitating resolutions, she approaches each interaction with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Abie is committed to ensuring exceptional customer experiences and nurturing robust community connections.
Serena Farrell
Community Manager
Serena, an innovative marketing professional with 8 years of diverse industry experience, channels her passion for visionary thinking from her roots in event execution. Now our Community Manager, she connects with entrepreneurs, leveraging her varied background to propel their careers. Beyond metrics, Serena believes in community strength as pivotal for success. Her infectious enthusiasm drives her to empower individuals, fostering inclusive environments where both entrepreneurs and inspired individuals flourish. Her commitment shines through in providing valuable guidance and cultivating a positive atmosphere for all to thrive.
Chloe Ellies
Social Media & Paid Advertising Manager
Drawing from 8+ years of diverse social media and Facebook advertising experience, Chloe's expertise spans freelancing, agency, and in-house roles across varied industries. Proficient in growing accounts, converting followers to leads, and running lucrative ad campaigns, she prioritizes authentic connections over superficial metrics. Chloe’s approach drives engaging audience interactions, ensuring enduring brand triumphs. Beyond her professional realm, her passion for travel infuses creativity and a distinct perspective into her work, elevating her strategies to new heights.
Brooke Vreeland
Senior Multimedia Designer
As a Senior Multimedia Designer for StarterCookie, Brooke has honed her skills over a decade, specializing in fields like graphic design, UX/UI, and brand development. Her collaborations with noteworthy companies have enriched her expertise and broadened her industry perspective.

Passionate about design's impact, she's committed to aiding entrepreneurs, ensuring that every brand narrative stands out and resonates with its audience.
Why We're Here
Our mission is clear: to assist entrepreneurs like you in your journey. Whether you're just starting, looking for foundational knowledge, or seeking the latest strategies for business growth, we've got you covered. We understand the challenges you face, and we're here to provide practical solutions, mentorship, and a supportive community to make your entrepreneurial venture a success.
Ready to embark on your entrepreneurial adventure?
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