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How would you like everything you need to start and grow your business in one place? StarterCookie is the ultimate online hub designed to empower and educate entrepreneurs like you to rise and thrive in the world of business.
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Starting or Growing Your Own Business?
Welcome to StarterCookie, where we understand that starting your own business can be overwhelming, lonely and confusing.

At StarterCookie, you're more than an aspiring entrepreneur. You're a member of a network of go-getters with access to tailored strategies and tools that speak to your unique challenges.

 In the fast-evolving business landscape, feeling stuck is a rite of passage — but staying stuck and struggling isn't. 
 We're here to ensure you have only what you need - fewer bells & whistles and more straightforward guidance - to realize your goal of building a business that affords you the life you want to lead.

Your struggle ends here. 
Discover Your Unique Recipe for Business Success
Customized Recipe for Success
 As a StarterCookie member, you’ll get 1:1 feedback, advice & encouragement from experienced experts with a proven track record. You’ll find support for your questions, challenges and opportunities. 
Comprehensive Resources
 Dive into an extensive array of knowledge! StarterCookie provides resource guides, expert articles, and how-to videos tailored to your unique business needs. Every click satisfies your hunger for knowledge. 
Warm and Supportive Membership Community
 Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, indulge in lively discussions, and share insights. Together, we foster a network of successful entrepreneurs! 
Bite-Sized Wisdom
 Time is precious for every entrepreneur. StarterCookie delivers practical, actionable tips to fast-track your progress. Our focus? Ensuring your journey is efficient and your success inevitable. 
Nurturing Your Vision
 Every big dream starts with a small step. Let StarterCookie be your first step towards transforming your vision into a thriving business reality. 
Fresh, Focused Content Weekly & Monthly
 Our monthly themes will focus on the most important parts of your business to give you easy-to-follow strategies and tactics to make progress on your goals now. 
 Why StarterCookie?
Holistic Guidance: 
85 years of collective expertise in diverse fields, from marketing to social media to sales to graphic design, ensuring your entrepreneurial toolkit is stacked. We bridge the gap between theory and practicality, ensuring your knowledge is as robust as your ambition.
Supportive Membership Community: 
Our community attracts business owners who are committed to engaging with other members to connect, collaborate and share experiences. It's not just a network; it's your entrepreneurial family, cheering you on every step.
Customer-First Approach 
Your success matters. We actively listen to your feedback, valuing your concerns to make continuous
improvements. At StarterCookie, we empower and uplift, setting new standards for member-centric platforms.
Our Members Represent All Industries
Just a sample of...
What You'll Receive in
Your StarterCookie Membership
 Bite sized Entrepreneurial Secrets 
Instant access to bite-sized entrepreneurial secrets, tools and resources for mindset, marketing, finance, operations and more
 Monthly Themes 
Monthly themed content focused on key business areas including: planning and forecasting, customer experience, content creation, lead generation, technology and more
 Weekly "Lives" 
Weekly live calls and Q&A sessions on business topics to help you move the needle forward now
 A Community of Entrepreneurs 
A Community of Entrepreneurs: And get access to community of ambitious aspiring and established entrepreneurs and experts
Community and mentorship are how entrepreneurs build, grow and become profitable faster — and outlast the imposter syndrome that wants to hold you back.

StarterCookie will keep you on track. It will keep you from getting overwhelmed. And it will keep you from wasting time, money and energy on mistakes most new entrepreneurs make.

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Your membership Includes:
On-demand access to a library of audios, videos and PDFs of tools and resources
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Monthly themed content to focus on key business areas
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Weekly live and interactive calls on business topics
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Monthly live coaching and Q&A sessions
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Guest expert videos and resources
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Cancel at any time, no questions-asked. 
StarterCookie is the recipe for your business success.
Ready to take the first bite?
Frequently asked questions
What’s the time commitment for this monthly membership?

The time commitment for StarterCookie largely depends on your preferences, availability, and how deeply you want to engage with the content and community. As a member, you have the flexibility to choose how much time you dedicate to the platform. Some members prefer to explore resources and engage with the community regularly, spending several hours per week participating in discussions, attending lives, and navigating the resources. Others might opt for a more casual approach, spending a few hours per month to access specific resources or discussions relevant to their current needs.

StarterCookie is designed to accommodate various schedules, offering a range of resources and content that members can access at their convenience. Whether you're looking for quick insights or seeking in-depth discussions, the membership allows you to tailor your time commitment based on your entrepreneurial journey and availability.

Is this membership for new entrepreneurs or small business owners only?

The StarterCookie membership is suitable for a diverse range of individuals, including new entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even those exploring the possibility of starting their own business.

While it caters to beginners seeking foundational knowledge and guidance to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey, it also offers valuable resources for established small business owners aiming to grow their enterprises beyond where they are currently.

The platform provides a blend of educational content, resources, and a community-driven environment that welcomes individuals at various stages of their entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether you're in the early stages of planning, launching your business, or looking to scale, StarterCookie offers insights, advice, and support to assist you in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

What do I get every month inside the membership?

Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive in your StarterCookie Membership:

  • Instant access to bite-sized entrepreneurial secrets, tools and resources for mindset, marketing, finance, operations and more.
  • Monthly themed content focused on key business areas including: planning and forecasting, customer experience, content creation, lead generation, technology and more.
  • Weekly live calls and Q&A sessions on business topics to help you move the needle forward now.
  • A Community of Entrepreneurs: And get access to a community of ambitious aspiring and established entrepreneurs and experts.
Do I get instant access to any resources when I sign up?

Yes, upon signing up for the StarterCookie membership, you gain immediate access to a range of resources, tools, and educational materials available on the platform. These resources are designed to support entrepreneurs in various aspects of their journey, such as foundational business knowledge, strategies for growth, marketing tips, community discussions, and more.

As soon as your membership is activated, you can access videos, downloadable guides, templates, and other valuable resources that can assist you in your business. This immediate access allows you to start learning and applying relevant insights to your business goals right away.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

If you choose to sign up for a StarterCookie Membership and later decide to cancel, you can do so at any time by reaching out to our customer service team at before your upcoming billing cycle, ensuring you won't be charged for the following month or 6 months.

Does it matter what industry or type of business I have?

Nope! The platform is designed to provide foundational business knowledge, growth strategies, marketing insights, and community support applicable to different sectors. Regardless of your industry or business type, you'll find valuable resources and a supportive community that can help you navigate challenges and achieve your entrepreneurial goals effectively.

Will this work for me even if I’ve been disappointed by other memberships before?

Absolutely! At StarterCookie, we're here to make a real difference. We get it—past memberships might not have lived up to expectations. But guess what? We're different. Our goal is to give you a community that's supportive, resources that actually help, and experts who really listen. We're focused on making sure you don't just find value but that you feel supported and empowered. So, if you've been let down before, give us a shot—we're here to make your entrepreneurial journey something special.

How often is new content added to the platform?

New content is regularly added to the platform. We strive to provide fresh insights, resources, and updates frequently to keep our members up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and tools in the entrepreneurial world.

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